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7. Remote Sensing applications to support community forest management under REDD


Papers and articles:

van Laake, P.E.; and Verplanke, J.J. (2008) Quantification of reduced emissions from deforestation in developing countries. IN: V. I. Grover (ed.) (2008) Global warming and climate change: ten years after Kyoto and still counting. Enfield NH : Science Publishers, 2008. pp. 369-385.
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van Laake, P. and Skutsch, M. (2009) Forest biomass assessment in support of REDD by indigenous people and local communities. Submission to the UNFCCC in response to SBSTA 29, Agenda item 5: “Reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries: approaches to stimulate action”, paragraph 11

Bajracharya, S. (2008) Community carbon forestry : remote sensing of forest carbon and forest degradation in Nepal. Enschede, ITC, 2008. 85 p.