Resources and Publications

A large number of publications are being produced by the research. Some of these are available for download in PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc) format. You might need an external program to view the publications. Adobe Reader, a program for viewing PDF files, is freely available here. To download the files, right-click on the link and select "Save target as...".


The publications are divided into the following categories. They may be listed in multiple categories if they cover multiple subjects.


1. The potential for community forestry under REDD and CDM

2. Community measurement, monitoring and mapping of forest carbon

3. Policy analysis and advice on REDD for community forest management

4. The economics of community carbon forestry

5. The second R in REDD: reducing forest degradation

6. Carbon in Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) systems

7. Remote Sensing applications to support community forestry under REDD



A short (8 minutes) film describing the work of the project can be viewed.
Video: Community forest management against carbon emissions from tropical forest degradation (mpg file)