CoP10 presentations

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Experiences from Tanzania
by George Jambiya, UDSM

Action Research Project in Nepal

by Bhaskar Singh Karky, PhD UT

KYOTO - Think Global Act Local project in West Africa
by Libasse Ba, ENDA

CDM and CF Policy in Cameroon: How compatible are they?
by Peter Minang, PhD ITC

The Indian Himalayan Story
by S.P. Singh, CHEA

Carbon Assessment and Monitoring by Local Communities: the Methodology
by E. Zahabu, PhD UT

Policy Developments and Directions in Community Carbon Forestry
by Mike McCall, ITC

Halting deforestation through community forest management, with carbon payments as the incentive
by Margaret Skutsch, TSD/UT

Communicating Indigenous Technical Knowledge to a Global audience
by Jeroen Verplanke, ITC