Partner Organizations

  CSTM research fall under the theme of Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development, divided into four categories: Water Governance; Energy & Climate; Sustainable Production & Consumption; and Technology and Sustainable Development in a North-South Perspective. This last group is responsible for the overall conceptual framework and the design of the research, as well as for management of the entire programme.

  The ITC, which like the University of Twente, is based in Enschede, the Netherlands. The contribution of this group is related both to the technologies used and the philosophy of participatory assessment of natural resources.



The ENDA is located in Dakar, Senegal. Its aim is to contribute to the knowledge of the energetic and development problems from the technical, political, economical and social perspectives. As a part of its strategy, ENDA elaborates and applies multilevel agreements regarding the African countries on the following topics: Desertification, Climate Change, Biodiversity, among others.

  The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), established in 1983 in Kathmandu, Nepal, serves eight regional member countries of the greater Himalayan region and the global mountain community. As a mountain learning and knowledge centre, ICIMOD seeks to develop and provide innovative solutions, in cooperation with over 300 regional and international partners, which foster action and change for overcoming mountain people's economic, social and physical vulnerability.

  Treeness Consult is based on The Netherlands and is specialised in providing policy advice in the area of climate change, forestry and land use, and validation, verification and certification services. Treeness Consult is a small firm with a limited amount of associates, guaranteeing minimal overheads, a personal and flexible approach, resulting in client-oriented, tailor-made deliverables.

  Department of Forest Mensuration and Management